Hi babes, 

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend! Today was my first day at my new job, and it was so exciting. Even though everything is new I really feel like I will enjoy it there, and I can't wait to get learn everything properly so that I can get started with what I will be working with in the future. Today was just an introduction day but I got to start some smaller assignments, which was fun. It's such a lovely company, they had a little afternoon tea (how British?!) for me to get to know everyone today and on Wednesday they are hosting a breakfast as well so I can get a chance to meet everyone properly. But everyone seems so lovely, I couldn't be happier. For those of you wondering my new position is at TALK Content, a divsion within TALK PR. I'm their Team Coordinator. My division is fairly new so it's a really exciting time for me to join as the team is growing with the division. 
Anyway, I wanted to share with you all some photos from my weekend. I went to visit Rebecka in Copenhagen for her birthday, but what she didn't know was that it wasn't only me coming. Actually, there was nine of us coming! Best birthday surprise. It was so cold in Copenhagen, but it's such a beautiful city. The snow made everything look so lovely. I definitely want to go back there, but even if the snow was pretty I will wait till it's a little bit warmer. It felt a little bit like going home to Sweden, because you hear Swedish everywhere. I haven't been to Denmark since I was about 12, so it was kind of like going for the first time although I did remember some places.
This is the girls door! How lush? Rebecka and Lovisa, whom you both would know as my former housemates, live together in this flat share. They are studying fashion at a uni in Copenhagen right now.
I would definitely recommend anyone to go visit Copenhagen. It's so beautiful, but I do think it's even better in the summer. You are walking around on all the little cobbled streets and there's just the cutest little coffee shops and bars, but you can imagine how amazing it would be if it was a bit warmer. It feels like that kind of city where you want to be able to sit outside with your drink, rather than inside. Also, you are allowed to smoke inside in a lot of places in Copenhagen, which was a bit of a struggle for me with my allergies, but if I went in the summer that wouldn't really be an issue as you'd be able to be outside. We had about -8 probably when we were there, so it wasn't too bad, but I haven't experienced such cold in literally two years. London never gets that cold, it normally stays around 0... Also, it's a different kind of cold in London I think. The air is much more humid here compared to what it is in Scandinavia. 
But yeah, it's been an amazing few days and with today as well I feel like this year only is getting better. Hope you all are having as an amazing start to the new year as I am!
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