ACRYLIC. One of the things I struggle with is somewhere to keep all of my makeup. When I used to live at home and on my own, I could always spread out and dedicate whole areas to beauty (which was fantastic!) but when living with my boyfriend in a smaller flat that's not really an option any more. 
I have a perfect little corner in our bedroom, right by the window so that I get plenty of natural light, but it is small. And the amount of storage is equal to zero. Because of how it's laid out, I can't fit a desk in there meaning I have to sit on the floor. I want to invest in a cushion (much like this one), but I am yet to find one that goes with the rest of the bedroom. 
I have most of my makeup in boxes and jars, which keeps it somewhat tidy but isn't very practical. When the boxes are stacked on each other they are a bit of a pain to get out, meaning that a lot of makeup is just stashed away until I feel a little bit creative and go through it all. Muji has some great, clear acrylic storage solution, which I believe I might have to hunt down. It's easy to see and keep track of all of your makeup, it looks super sleek and won't rob your bank. Ticks all the boxes!
I love repurposing old candles and jars, which is how I currently keep all my makeup brushes, and I'm really like the bottom right picture and how the solution for the cotton buds. My ones are currently in the clear, boring box they came in, which doesn't look very nice at all. Maybe I should look at a new home for them too. 
How do you guys store your makeup? Are you a Muji fan as well or do you have any other creative solutions?
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Same problem as you! I have no clue but to have them in a box aswell or just keep it in my makeup bag all the time ;)

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