BLACK. Ever since I started following @designbyaikonik on Instagram I have been obsessing over flatlays. She is honestly the queen of perfecting a flatlay, and she shows you all her tips and tricks on Snapchat as well. I've decided to start practice, practice makes perfect as they say, so expect to see much more flatlays popping up both here and on my Instagram and Pinterest in the near future.
In flatlay above: all relative new things that I haven't shown on this blog before, but that I'm currently obsessing about. Chloé by Chloé perfume has become my go to perfume recently, after I realised I had a sample which I've never used, but which I have had since I first started subscribing to Glossybox years ago (this was when Glossybox first was launched, guys, it's that long ago). After discovering it in a box, tucked away in my makeup stash, I started using it everyday, finally buying a bigger version. 
I recently ran out of mascara and wanted to try something new. I have been loving the Urban Decay Perversion and Subversion since I bought them in January, and I would highly recommend them to anyone - they are so good. They are quite pricey, as buying both of them means you will get a receipt for about £40, but they lasted me 6 months (!). And I use a lot of mascara. However, I have heard so many good things about the above mascara from KIKO, and it is less than a tenner, so I felt stupid not to try it out. I'm going to be honest with you though, and the first week I hated it. We were enemies, and every morning was a fight trying to make my eyelashes look somewhat reasonable. But now, we are slowly coming to like each other. The last week my eyelashes have had some really really good days. I will let you know later how I feel about it, once I've tried it out for longer I will be able to give it a proper review. 
Lipstick is Velvet Teddy from Mac. It's been my go to lip product since I bought it, and I can't believe I did get it sooner. I thought I would think it was too brown, but oh how wrong I was. And I always get compliments when I'm wearing it. Winning. 
And then, of course, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I finished the book yesterday and I'm left feeling kind of empty. It was bitter sweet being reunited with my childhood dreams. I'm a little bit disappointed, I'm not going to lie. It wasn't what I was hoping for it to be. But then, I'm not sure if my expectations were too high... Considering that I'm comparing a script not written by J.K. Rowling to seven wonderful, magical books, which created a whole world full of everything I could ever wish for - I was going to be disappointed, weren't I? Have you guys read it yet? What are your thoughts?
Last, but not least, shoes from Zara. I bought these today, after searching far and wide for shoes which are not black, leather boots, but something a bit more summer friendly. I think me and my new shoes are going to become really good friends. You just wait and see.
(Rings are not new, but I needed something to fill out the empty space. Tips I've learnt from amazing Instagram mentioned in the beginning of this post.)
Speak soon. x
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