Hello my lovelies, how's your Sunday?
George and I spent most of today cleaning the flat. Now it's so nice and tidy again! We didn't leave bed until quite late though, and started the day with a nice brunch before operation cleaning. Right next to our house there's a really good food market, and yesterday we went there to pick up some lush french ham and cheese which we had for lunch both yesterday and today. Also got some absolutely amazing organic strawberries. Yum!
London has been quite grey the last few days, and it seems as if this weather will be sticking around for another week. My skin has been amazing when the sun has been out, but now it's a little bit worse again, so I might go to a sunbed this week to keep my skin happy. Because it's actually good for eczema to tan. Even been recommended to do so by my doctor! 

Hope you've had a lush weekend, I'll be back later on or tomorrow. Love you guys! x
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