If love Scandinavian design and interior, I love the minimalism and functionality. This is how I try to decorate my home, and what I strive it to be. I hate clutter, although I'm an expert on collecting it, but in general I don't like loads of cushions serving no purpose. Loads of blankets is another matter - I'm always cold and love to snuggle up in blankets. When I sleep alone I usually sleep with at least two duvets and a few blankets, although when you sleep next to someone else you need to take in to consideration that they might not like the bed to be as warm as a sauna. 
Although I love where I live now I hope for a place with more of a warehouse feeling for my future home. I want big windows and brick walls. Colour scheme would be, as you probably can tell from the images above, nude and monochrome colours. Right now I really like golden details, marble (hey, who doesn't?) and 70's style interior. 
What kind of interior do you like and where do you get your inspiration from? Please share in the comments below! x
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