THURSDAY/INSPIRATION. Hello! It's almost the weekend now, which I'm thankful for. Yesterday was a struggle for me and my skin, and even though I got some more sleep last night than I normally do I kept waking up with my arms soaking in some kind of fluid. I'm sorry if you are bored reading about my skin now, but keeping my blog updated is an easy way for me to keep track of my skin as well as it might help someone else/someone else might be able to help me. Anyway...
Yesterday my skin was really swollen and irritated, and it kept seeping with different fluids. Uh! So disgusting. This morning I wasn't as swollen, although I think my skin is more irritated and it keep seeping this yellow/clear (almost like honey coloured) fluid. I feel as if I smell of infected wound, which I might do. Hope not. I took my second dose (out of six) of my homeopathic medication today, so hopefully I will start seeing an improvement now. I'm taking six doses spread out over 4 week (two times the first two week, then once a weekt the last two weeks), before I'm moving on to a different medication. This first medication is treating my skin and my reactions, and then the second medication will focus on my insides and to strengthen me and prevent future problems. I've read up some on homeopathy, and there seems to be a lot of different opinions.  A lot of people says it hasn't helped them, some says it even made them worse (!), but some people (probably as many) says it's worked miracles for them. Have you got any experience with homeopathy? I have family and friends who thinks it's really good, and I used to be treated with it when I was really young (for eczema then as well), but I never finished my treatment. I saw improvements though. Please let me know your thoughts about it! Most people who has negative thought of homeopathy hasn't even tried it, so I'm more curious about your personal experience with it. 
Hopefully my skin will be better by the evening, if not by tomorrow morning. I'm celebrating my birthday on Saturday and I really want to be able to enjoy myself and not have to worry about my skin all night. If my skin is a little bit better tomorrow I might actually try to go to a tanning bed. Tanning is really good for eczema prone skin, but if my skin is to irritated I don't know if I can handle the heat. Any tips, tricks? Guys, I'm desperate for my skin to get better, so I'm open to any suggestions. x
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fin inspo :)

Svar: Tack så mycket! x


Härlig inspo!!

Svar: Tack! x


så fint!

Svar: Tack!! x


Har du funderat på om det har med kosten att göra? Du kanske skulle skriva ned allt du äter och se om du hittar ett mönster. Det tog mig över ett år innan jag insåg att mitt största problem var citrus. Det var ju sånt jag åt i princip varje dag. Jag tycker också att min hud blir litelite bättre de dagar jag utesluter mejeriprodukter helt.

Svar: Mjölk/mejeriprodukter är den återkommande faktorn alla säger. Men jag älskar ju mjölk. :( Men jag har provat att utesluta lite saker, utan resultat. Dock så är det enda läkarna verkar vara överens om är att det inte är allergier/överkänslighet som orsakar min hud att bli såhär dålig, utan någon annan kemisk obalans i kroppen. Dock skall jag göra ett litet experiment i veckan, så vi får se om det blir bättre nu! xxxx

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