RANDOM. Yet another list!! I love lists. Photo above i equally random, from last Friday. Tower Bridge being pretty. <3

Mention something you are proud of but never get an opportunity to brag about?
Oh, I don't know. That I'm actually really good at swimming and used to compete and stuff, maybe. Or that I'm quite decent at drawing. 

Which emojis do you use most often?

What did you do last night?
First I was on the phone to my mum for a few hours, then to Rebecka. George and I started watching Insidious 3 but it seemed so bad we turned it off and went to bed instead. 

What did you have for breakfast today?
Cereal, strawberries, blueberries and milk. <3

Which is your lucky number?

What did you look like when you were 18?
What is the last thing you bought?
Have in mind this was written on Tuesday (23/6), as I'm currently at Glastonbury. I did buy some food last night, but before that it was a jacket and some face jewellery.

Do you have any allergies?
Don't even get me started.

What time do you normally wake up?


What do you wear/how do you look on a weekday?
Normally I wear denim shorts if it's warm enough for that, otherwise black jeans. And some sort of jumper/t-shirt. Hair down and straight, makeup will be a basic one with winged eyeliner (always). Jewellery: 2 thin necklaces, a few thin bracelets, one bangle, a watch and 3-4 rings. Small earrings. 

A word that you never manage to spell correctly:
I'm quite good at spelling. I can't properly pronounce yoghurt, woven and squirrel though! 
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