Right now I'm obsessing about coconut oil, as it's supposed to be great for almost everything - especially if you've got a thyroid problem (which I do). Right now I'm putting a table spoon in my tea or coffee to get a little bit in me every day, and even though it's a bit weird in tea it's actually really nice in coffee. Other than that I use it for making a nourishing hair mask, applying it together with castor oil about every fifth day. It has acctually made my hair really nice and soft, and shiny! It looks much healthier. Because of my thyroid and all of my eczemas I got a really sensitive scalp and a lot of my hair is falling out, hence the reason to why I'm also using castor oil as it doesn't only make your hair grow quicker but it also prevents hair loss. First I massage castor oil and some coconut oil into my scalp and roots (castor oil is really thick and sticky, so the coconut oil makes it a bit easier to work with) ankd then I apply coconut oil to the rest of my hair. I let it sit and do it's oily magic for at least an hour (as long as possible really) before I wash it out. It can be a bit tricky to get the castor oil out of your hair, but washing it with shampoo twice and then condition it as usual works for me. Try it! x
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